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Virginia Needs a Strong Anti-SLAPP Law to Stop Bogus Lawsuits

Sometimes lawsuits get filed to chill speech or harass people, rather than resolve legitimate legal disputes. Unfortunately, this trend has increased over the past few decades. Since the 1980s, these lawsuits have been called SLAPPs—or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. The best solution to stop SLAPPs are strong anti-SLAPP laws...

EFF Asks Supreme Court To Reverse Dangerous Rulings About API Copyrightability and Fair Use

Washington D.C.—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today asked the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that functional aspects of Oracle’s Java programming language are not copyrightable, and even if they were, employing them to create new computer code falls under fair use protections.The court is reviewing a long-running lawsuit...
California Privacy

Ten Questions—And Answers—About the California Consumer Privacy Act

You may have heard from a lot of businesses telling you that they’ve updated their privacy policies because of a new law called the California Consumer Privacy Act. But what’s actually changed for you? EFF has spent the past year defending this law in the California legislature, but we...
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No Digital Surveillance of Iranians at the U.S. Border—Or Within the U.S.

Only days into heightened tensions between the United States and Iran, media outlets have published disturbing reports of increased scrutiny of people of Iranian descent at U.S. borders, including in at least one case involving a traveler’s phone. EFF strongly opposes any targeting of people for digital surveillance based on...
This image shows a person's face with layers of pixelation throughout.

The Fight Against Government Face Surveillance: 2019 Year in Review

Vendors woo law enforcement with a seemingly inexhaustible flow of new spy tech. This places concerned community members, civil society, and lawmakers in a seemingly Sisyphean struggle of trying to keep up with new technological threats to privacy, and to shepard the adoption of enforceable policy to protect essential civil...
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Consumer Data Privacy in California: 2019 Year in Review

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted in 2018 and goes into effect in 2020. Throughout 2019, EFF and our privacy coalition allies beat back numerous attempts by big business to block this important law before it goes into effect. We did so in the California Legislature...
colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Protecting the Legal Foundation of the Internet: 2019 in Review

When someone says something unlawful online, they should be the one held responsible for it, not the website or platform where they said it. Section 230—the most important law protecting free speech online—reflects that common-sense principle. This year, EFF defended Section 230 in Congress, the courts, and on the...
Image of face outline put together with several lines. Very cyberpunk.

Activists Worldwide Face Off Against Face Recognition: 2019 Year in Review

We’ve all heard the expression, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” We might hope that what we do and where we go will only be known to those who were there in person. Yet maintaining such anonymity and privacy in public spaces is becoming ever more difficult. 2019 has...


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