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Will the Innovation Act Stop Patent Abuses?


Will the Innovation Act Stop Patent Abuses?

Daniel Nazer, a staff attorney and policy analyst with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates on behalf of innovators and entrepreneurs, says patent trolling has become a major issue in the United States.

“In 2012, more than half of all patent cases were by non-practicing entities, or patent trolls,” says Nazer, who says the issue has become pressing for legislators of both parties as more and more small businesses find themselves caught in the crosshairs.

Nazer says the Innovation Act would force patent-holders to identify the ways in which defendants infringe on patents, making it more challenging for less-than-scrupulous patent trolls to launch lawsuits. Patent-holders will also need to reveal more about their companies, investors and owners when filing suits, which may dissuade some trolls.

Monday, October 28, 2013
Fox Business

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