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Activist Group Asks Comic Cons to "Protect Our Secret Identities"


Activist Group Asks Comic Cons to "Protect Our Secret Identities"

Within a day, ReedPOP, the organization behind NYCC, had turned off the automated messages and released a statement apologizing for being "too enthusiastic in our messaging" and "any perceived overstep." That wasn't enough for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, however, which has responded with an open letter to all the comic cons, asking them to "protect our secret identities."

"Being too enthusiastic is only one issue. Regardless of the messaging, ghost tweets are at best tacky, at worst creepy, and always unnecessary," the letter -- written by the organization's Dave Maass -- reads. "Even more problematic is that if even journalists such as Jill Scharr, for whom words are their livelihood, were unaware they were granting that kind of authority over their online personas, then NYCC did not do an adequate job of making its intentions clear. As a result, NYCC has tainted the safe spaces that these gatherings are to many a geek."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Hollywood Reporter

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