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EFF Wins San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Bike-Friendliness Award

EFF's Yan Zhu, Maira Sutton, April Glaser and Mark Burdett at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Awards press conference, with Mayor Ed Lee. The Electronic Frontier Foundation loves bikes almost as much as Bruce Schneier loves encryption. Cycling relieves road congestion, alleviates the city's parking deficit, and contributes to air...

Online activists fret over extremism

“It basically puts the rest of us under a microscope,” said Jillian York, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s director for international freedom of expression. “We have to be much more careful about everything we say lest it looks like we support illegal behaviors.”

17,425,170 Digits

That’s how many are in the largest prime number ever discovered, which was announced by mathematicians at the University of Central Missouri. Curtis Cooper, a computer science professor at the school, has made something of a cottage industry out of finding huge prime numbers, and this is the third record...


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