December 16, 2019 - 10:00pm PST

Originally called "Hardcore Righteousness" and established by Lamel Watson and Kwame Vear, Equilibrium Radio was the first Hip Hop program to be broadcast on Harlem NY's own WHCR-90.3FM and has always been regarded as a staple of the college / independent Hip Hop radio community. In the summer of 2004, "Hardcore Righteousness" changed its name to Equilibrium Radio to represent the sense of balance it provides to the airwaves.  

Equilibrium Radio continues to be a place where local and national artists can come together with true lovers of Hip Hop culture and good music to speak out on topics and issues that affect the community. This week Equilibrium Radio welcomes back nash, EFF's Associate Director of Community Organizing. nash will discuss the current fight to pass the POST Act—important first step legislation to ensure transparency around the NYPD's acquisition of privacy-invasive surveillance technology—and EFF's About Face campaign to support communities throughout the US in bringing an end to government use of face surveillance. 

Monday, December 16
7:00 pm PT/ 10:00pm ET -  9:00 pm PT/12:00am ET


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