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Deeplinks Blog

how to fix the internet with cindy cohn and danny obrien; making hope with adam savage

Podcast Episode: Making Hope, with Adam Savage

The joy of tinkering, making, and sharing is part of the human condition. In modern times, this creative freedom too often is stifled by secrecy as a means of monetization - from non-compete laws to quashing people’s right to repair the products they’ve already paid for.Adam Savage—the maker extraordinaire best...

¿Quién defiende tus datos?

Estrellas más brillantes y brechas persistentes son la marca del nuevo informe "Quién defiende tus datos" de Paraguay

Los principales proveedores de servicios de banda ancha de Paraguay se comprometieron el año pasado con los usuarios en cuanto a la transparencia de sus políticas de privacidad y a adoptar prácticas de accesibilidad, pero la mayoría se quedó corta a la hora de revelar información sobre las solicitudes gubernamentales...

Google Spying

Google Fights Dragnet Warrant for Users’ Search Histories Overseas While Continuing to Give Data to Police in the U.S.

Google is fighting back against a Brazilian court order to turn over data on all users who searched for specific terms, including the name of a well-known elected official and a busy downtown thoroughfare. (Brief in Portuguese / English*) While we applaud Google for challenging this digital dragnet...

lighthouse w/ text: how to fix the internet with cindy cohn and danny obrien; your tax dollars at wo

Podcast Episode: Your Tax Dollars At Work

Democracy means allowing everyday people to have their voices heard on public matters involving their communities. One of the goals of civic technology is to allow a more diverse group of people to have input on government affairs through the use of technology and the internet. Beth Noveck, author of...

Congress + Action

The NDO Fairness Act Is an Important Step Towards Transparency

The First Amendment guarantees the right to speak your own involvement about court proceedings. Yet the Stored Communications Act currently allows the government to prevent electronic communications companies from notifying their users when they receive law enforcement orders for customer data. These gag orders can silence the companies for any...

¿Quién defiende tus datos?

Los ISP colombianos muestran un compromiso constante con la privacidad de los usuarios, pero siguen existiendo importantes lagunas de transparencia

Las principales empresas de Internet y telefonía móvil de Colombia siguieron manteniendo un alto nivel de transparencia sobre sus prácticas de privacidad, y continuaron implementando las mejores prácticas para proteger los datos de los clientes, la libre expresión y la seguridad en 2021. Sin embargo, se enfrentaron a los desafíos...

Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 34.2

Want the latest news on your digital rights? Well, you're in luck! Version 34, issue 2 of our EFFector newsletter is out now. Catch up on the latest EFF news by reading our newsletter or listening to the new audio version below. This issue covers stories from our opposition of...

lighthouse w/ text: how to fix the internet with cindy cohn and danny obrien; with window snyder

Podcast Episode: Securing the Internet of Things

Today almost everything is connected to the internet - from your coffeemaker to your car to your thermostat. But the “Internet of Things” may not be hardwired for security. Window Snyder, computer security expert and author, joins EFF hosts Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien as they delve into the scary...

Creativity and Innovation issue banner, a colorful graphical representation of a light bulb

The Pro Codes Act Is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

When a pipeline bursts, journalists might want to investigate whether the pipeline complied with federal regulations. When a toy is recalled, parents want to know whether its maker followed child safety rules. When a fire breaks out, homeowners and communities want to know whether the building complied with fire safety...


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