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Deeplinks Blog

Digital Security: What’s Threat Modeling?

Every week there’s news about malware, data breaches, and privacy. Learn about specific actions you can take to be more secure online. In this session, find out how threat modeling applies to your devices and accounts, and how to be prepared. Bring your own device so you can dive in.
Free Speech banner, an colorful graphic representation of a megaphone

Rights Groups to European Commission: Prioritize Users’ Rights, Get Public Input For Article 17 Application Guidelines

The implementation of Art 17 (formerly Article 13) into national laws will have a profound effect on what users can say and share online. The controversial rule, part of the EU’s copyright directive approved last year, turns tech companies and online services operators into copyright police. Platforms are liable...
Nonprofits and NGOs rely on the .org top-level domain.

SaveDotOrg Protest at ICANN

Location: ICANN, 12025 E Waterfront Dr, Playa Vista, CA 90094 Don’t let a private equity firm take over .ORG! On Friday, January 24th, join EFF, NTEN, Fight for the Future, Demand Progress and other nonprofits for a rally outside ICANN’s offices in Los Angeles. We'll be delivering our petition, signed...

EFF at Tech Intersections

Location: Mills College Track: Social Impact Today we have multiple accounts and mainly access them through our phones. However, many aren’t sure what happens when law enforcement attempts to access your device or better ways of safely browsing on your phone. Desktop can be argued to be more understood, but...

California Academy of Appellate Lawyers Winter Meeting 2020

EFF'S Executive Director, Cindy Cohn will be one of a three member panel discussing the "Hot Topics in First Amendment Law" at the Winter Meeting for the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers. The two other panel members will be Eugene Volokh Professor of Law at UCLA Law School, and Kelli...

Tech Workers Coalition: Organizing For Tech Workers' Rights

Our speaker this month is Aslan French. Aslan is a digital technologist with an interest in the intersection of politics, policy, and technology. Aslan is going to be speaking to us this month about Tech Workers Coalition-a decentralized digital movement under which independent advocates for tech worker rights, cooperate.

Silicon Flatirons Technology Policy Conference

Debate: Technology is Undermining Democracy EFF's Executive Director, Cindy Cohn and Andrew P Bridges will participate in the debate on the opposing side, Ahmed Ghappour and Paul Ohm will argue in favor of the subject. They will be joined by moderator Pieere de Vries.The 2020 Silicon Flatirons flagship conference will...


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