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Podcast Episode: AI in Kitopia

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Gwen Hinze at OECD Information, Computer and Communications Policy Committee

The 59th meeting of the Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy meeting (ICCP) will be held on March 10-11, 2010. Topics to be discussed are ICT & green growth, ICT & innovation, internet intermediaries: policy implications, among other topics.
More information available at,3355,en_2649_34223_1_1_1_1_1,00.html.

Tiffany v. eBay: What About Put-Back?

Last week, a federal appeals court rejected luxury goods retailer Tiffany’s claim that eBay should be liable for trademark violations on its site based on general knowledge that such infringement is happening (but no specific knowledge of a specific infringement). The ruling is a victory for online service providers,...

Privacy issue banner, a colorful graphical representation of a padlock

EFF Hires New International Rights Director

EFF is pleased to announce the hire of our newest staff member - International Rights Director Katitza Rodriguez. Katitza will be working on international privacy issues, an area in which she is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts, with special emphasis on law enforcement, government surveillance, and...

Google Asks, "Are You Done With That Sandwich?"

Lawyers from EFF warned this week of the implications of Google Sidle, a new beta product the company describes as, "Bringing our mission of organizing the world's information to your cafeteria," but which one EFF lawyer described as, "Creepy, even for Google."
Companies and schools subscribing to Sidle will...

European ACTA Negotiators Reject "Three Strikes" Moniker

Seething Danes were seen stomping out of the ACTA negotiation chambers in Wellington, New Zealand, citing frustration with the United States negotiators' continued pushing of "three strikes" proposals.
"ACTA is an international agreement," fumed negotiator Olaf Atdis. "It's absurd for the United States to continue demanding a baseball analogy...

Calling All Robots

01110100011011110010000001000101010001100100011000100001The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading robotic rights group fighting for your digital liberties. Only we know that in 2012, a sophisticated search algorithm will be first programmed to selectively modify itself to obtain better search results and that within 50 years the algorithm now known as:

Sham Email Subpoena Violates Whistleblower's Constitutional Rights

Atlanta - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and attorney Bryan Vroon asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit today to reexamine a panel ruling that violated a whistleblower's Fourth Amendment right to privacy in his email communications.
The whistleblower, Charles Rehberg, uncovered systematic mismanagement of funds...


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