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Deeplinks Blog

HOPE 2020

EFF Joins HOPE 2020

EFF staff members will present some of our latest work at 2600 Magazine's biennial Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference beginning this weekend. HOPE is a diverse hacker event that has drawn thousands of tinkerers, security researchers, activists, artists, and makers since 1994. In a departure from the infamous...

EFF and 45 Human Rights and Civil Liberties Groups Condemn Federal Law Enforcement Actions Against Protesters in Portland

EFF joined dozens of other groups in a letter condemning the behavior of federal law enforcement agencies in Portland, Oregon. Despite the wishes of local government officials, the federal government deployed law enforcement, including U.S. Marshals and Customs and Border Protection officers, to Portland. The federal government officially explained these...

An array of laptops, each of which has a virus icon, except one which has a surveillance icon

Rethinking Policing and Surveillance in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Drug Policy Alliance Discussion Series: Rethinking Policing and Surveillance in the Post-COVID-19 EraTo slow the spread of the COVID-19, some communities considered temporary changes in policing practices, criminal courts, jail systems, and community supervision. While some localities modestly reduced arrests and released some incarcerated individuals, many emergency decarceration efforts have...

spot the surveillance banner

Panel: Creating Virtual Reality for Public Good

Mission-driven organizations rely on storytelling to convey the core of their work and to engage the public. Recently, virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree video have emerged as new media paradigm for storytelling. Although primarily associated with high-end gaming, these media tools are very effective for conveying information and participatory...

EFF at RightsCon

Originally called the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference, RightsCon rotated annually between San Francisco and another global city. Now, RightsCon visits new host cities each year that are power centers for technology and human rights. This year, Access Now is hosting the ninth edition of RightsCon Online from July 27-31,...

RightsCon: American PII and the United State(s) of privacy law

RightsCon Panel #7909American PII and the United State(s) of privacy lawRightsCon; 12:45pm -1:45pm PTThe debate around state and federal data protection laws is raging in the United States. Separate states have passed a variety of laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, and more states are considering proposals. At the...

Stop SESTA: 230 icon in phone

The PACT Act’s Attempt to Help Internet Users Hold Platforms Accountable Will End Up Hurting Online Speakers

Recently, nearly every week brings a new effort to undercut or overhaul a key U.S. law—47 U.S.C. § 230 (“Section 230”)—that protects online services and allows Internet users to express themselves. Many of these proposals jeopardize users’ free speech and privacy, while others are thinly-veiled attacks against online services...

HOPE: Meet the EFA

Meet the EFA: A Discussion on Grassroots Organizing for Digital Privacy, Security, Free Expression, Creativity, and Access to KnowledgeFounded by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) is a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States. Join representatives from the EFF, and...


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