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El informe 2021 de InternetLab "Quién defiende tus datos Brasil" muestra una mejora en las prácticas de privacidad de los proveedores telco de Brasil, pero siguen existiendo lagunas

Los mayores proveedores de conexión de Brasil siguen avanzando hacia una mejor protección de los datos de los clientes y una mayor transparencia sobre sus prácticas de privacidad, según el informe 2021 de InternetLab "¿Quem Defende Seus Dados? " ("¿Quién defiende sus datos?”). El informe, que se publica hoy,...

PrivSec Global: Why the Council of Europe’s Police Surveillance Treaty is a Pernicious Influence on Latam Legal Privacy Frameworks

Veridiana Alimonti is speaking at PrivSecGlobal, the largest data protection, privacy, and security event of 2021, about the Second Additional Protocol of the Budapest Convention and its negative influence in Latin American legal privacy frameworks. PrivSec Global brings together leading experts from around the globe, for a 2-day livestream...

Caught in the Net Report

Facebook’s Secret “Dangerous Organizations and Individuals” List Creates Problems for the Company—and Its Users

Along with the trove of "Facebook Papers" recently leaked to press outlets was a document that Facebook has, until now, kept intentionally secret: its list of "Dangerous Organizations and Individuals." This list comprises supposed terrorist groups, hate groups, criminal groups, and individuals associated with each, and is used to filter...

a lighthouse, with the text: how to fix the internet with cindy cohn and danny obrien

Podcast Episode: Who Should Control Online Speech?

The bots that try to moderate speech online are doing a terrible job, and the humans in charge of the biggest tech companies aren’t doing any better. Join EFF’s Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien as they talk to Stanford’s Daphne Keller about why the current approach to content moderation is...

Competition & Regulation in Disrupted Times

EFF Special Advisor Cory Doctorow appears on the panel "Data & surveillance, AI, Giants-as-States, Civil Society & Democracy: Can the Monster be Tamed?" at CRA's Competition & Regulation in Disrupted Times summit in Brussels.


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