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FTC: Don't Sell or Use Customer Information of Gay Youth

The Federal Trade Commission has some strong words for the former publishers of a defunct magazine and website for gay youth: don't sell or use personal information provided by your customers. It's probably illegal.
The warning came during a contentious bankruptcy proceeding filed by the publisher of XY Magazine,...


DEFCON is the world's largest annual hacker convention, held each in Las Vegas, Nevada. EFF staff have some interesting presentations, talks and panel discussions scheduled for DEFCON 18. If you are going to be at this year's DEFCON, check out the schedule below.
EFF Speakers at DEFCON

EFF at PETS 2010, Berlin

The 10th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium in Berlin will bring together anonymity and privacy experts from around the world to discuss recent advances and new perspectives in privacy for the Internet and other communication networks. EFF Senior Staff Technologist Peter Eckersley will be presenting his talk "How Unique Is...

EFF at OSCON in Portland

Visit the EFF booth at OSCON while you peruse the latest in open source innovation and business!
Exhibit Hall Hours:
Wednesday, July 21
10:00AM - 4:30PM
6:00PM - 7:00PM - Expo Hall Reception
Thursday, July 22
10:00AM - 5:00PM

Judge Cuts Damages in Sony v. Tenenbaum

Many were shocked last year when a Massachusetts jury awarded $675,000 in damages against Joel Tenenbaum, who had been found liable for copyright infringement after using peer-to-peer networks to download and share thirty of the plaintiffs' songs. In a lengthy ruling issued today, federal district court Judge Nancy...


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