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Amazon and Big Tech’s Chokehold on Democracy

Amazon and Big Tech’s Chokehold on Democracy PanelWHEN: Wednesday, June 9, 2pm EST; 11 am PSTWHO: Public Citizen (Jane Chung), Free Press (Sandy Fulton), Electronic Frontier Foundation (Hayley Tsukayama), ACLU-WA (Jennifer Lee)WHAT: Amazon is the second-largest individual corporate lobbying spender in the entire country. This panel...

A cat shown writing a program to hack into a can of cat food.

Van Buren is a Victory Against Overbroad Interpretations of the CFAA, and Protects Security Researchers

The Supreme Court’s Van Buren decision today overturned a dangerous precedent and clarified the notoriously ambiguous meaning of “exceeding authorized access” in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the federal computer crime law that’s been misused to prosecute beneficial and important online activity. The decision is a victory...

A bustling digital town square

Organizar en el interés público: MusicBrainz

Esta entrada del blog forma parte de una serie que analiza la Internet de interés público, es decir, las partes de Internet que no acaparan los titulares de Facebook o Google, pero que proporcionan silenciosamente bienes públicos y servicios útiles sin requerir la escala o las prácticas comerciales de los...


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