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20 years of DMCA shenanigans

Every three years, the US Copyright Office holds hearings about proposed exceptions to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. This is one of those years, and we’re coming to UCLA to testify before the Copyright Office on preserving your rights to use your property as you see fit.
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The California Senate Utilities Committee’s Net Neutrality Analysis Might as Well Have Been Written by AT&T

S.B. 822, Senator Scott Wiener’s net neutrality bill, is currently pending in the California legislature. It’s a bill that prioritizes consumers over large ISPs, creating strong net neutrality protections. Unsurprisingly, AT&T and the rest of the giant telecom companies don’t like it. And unfortunately for Californians, the report on...


On Tuesday, April 17, EFF's Eva Galperin will be speaking on a panel at OUR Security Advocates (OURSA) called "Advocating for High-Risk Groups." OURSA is a single-track, one-day conference with four topic sessions highlights a diverse set of experts from across information security, safety, trust, and other related...

Large ISPs that Orchestrated the Repeal of the Open Internet Order Ask California’s Legislature to Stand Down and Just Let Them Win Already

The fight to protect Internet freedom is coming to California this month as the Senate Energy and Utilities Committee (April 17) and Senate Judiciary Committee (April 24) have scheduled hearings and votes on Senator Wiener’s S.B. 822, comprehensive legislation that would utilize the tools available to the...
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Mapping Back: Using Public Records to Map Police Surveillance on Roadways

Mapping Back: Using Public Records to Map Police Surveillance on Roadways On roadways across the country, police and private companies alike regularly collect data on every driver's travel patterns through automated license plate reader technology (ALPR), camera systems that scan license plates to create enormous databases in real time. This...


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