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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

What Does EFF Mean to You?

We could go on for days talking about all the work EFF does to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world. In fact, we DO go on for days talking about it — but we’d rather hear from you. What does EFF mean...

EFF at Black Hat USA

EFF will be back in Las Vegas, NV for Black Hat USA! We're excited to be in the Business Hall, where you can come say hi and learn more about the work we are doing to defend digital freedoms. You can even pick up a special member gift as...

Speaking Freely: Mary Aileen Diez-Bacalso

Mary Aileen Diez-Bacalso is the executive director of FORUM-Asia. She has worked for many years in human rights organizations in the Philippines and internationally, and is best known for her work on enforced disappearances. She has received several human rights awards at home and abroad, including the Emilio F. Mignone...
How to Fix the Internet - Tim Wu - Antitrust/Pro-Internet

Podcast Episode: Antitrust/Pro-Internet

Imagine an internet in which economic power is more broadly distributed, so that more people can build and maintain small businesses online to make good livings. In this world, the behavioral advertising that has made the internet into a giant surveillance tool would be banned, so people could share more...

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Federal Court Dismisses X's Anti-Speech Lawsuit Against Watchdog

This post was co-written by EFF legal intern Melda Gurakar.Researchers, journalists, and everyone else has a First Amendment right to criticize social media platforms and their content moderation practices without fear of being targeted by retaliatory lawsuits, a federal court recently ruled.The decision by a federal court in California to...

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En victoria histórica para los derechos humanos en Colombia, la Corte Interamericana declara que organismos estatales violaron derechos humanos de abogados que defendían a activistas.

En una sentencia histórica para las libertades fundamentales en Colombia, la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos concluyó que durante más de dos décadas el gobierno estatal acosó, vigiló y persiguió a miembros de un grupo de abogados que defiende a defensores de los derechos humanos, activistas y comunidades indígenas, poniendo...

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Speaking Freely: Emma Shapiro

Emma Shapiro is an American artist, writer, and activist who is based in Valencia, Spain. She is the Editor-At-Large for the Don’t Delete Art campaign and the founder of the international art project and movement Exposure Therapy. Her work includes the use of video, collage, performance, and photography, while primarily...


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