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Sham Email Subpoena Violates Whistleblower's Constitutional Rights

Atlanta - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and attorney Bryan Vroon asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit today to reexamine a panel ruling that violated a whistleblower's Fourth Amendment right to privacy in his email communications.
The whistleblower, Charles Rehberg, uncovered systematic mismanagement of funds...

Sony Steals Feature From Your PlayStation 3

If the messages in EFF's inbox today are anything to go by, a lot of people are upset and angry — with good reason — over Sony's announcement that it is going to disable a feature that allows people to run GNU/Linux and other operating systems on their PlayStation...

Copyright Troll

50,000 New Lawsuits Against Movie Downloaders

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a group known as the "U.S. Copyright Group" has quietly targeted 20,000 Bit Torrent users for legal action in federal court in Washington, DC. The targets are accused of having downloaded independent films, including "Steam Experiment," "Far Cry," "Uncross the Stars," "Gray Man" and...

Life 2.0 at the San Francisco International Film Festival

EFF is proud to be a presenter of Life 2.0, directed by Jason Spingarn-Koff, at the 53rd San Francisco International Film Festival (April 22- May 6). EFF consulted with the filmmakers during the making of this film.
Documented both online and in the real world, Life 2.0 examines the...

EFF Joins With Internet Companies and Advocacy Groups to Reform Privacy Law

San Francisco - As part of a broad coalition of privacy groups, think tanks, technology companies, and academics, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today issued recommendations for strengthening the federal privacy law that regulates government access to private phone and Internet communications and records, including cell phone location data.

Geek Reading with Evan Ratliff: Shedding Your Identity in the Digital Age

Join EFF for the latest installment of our Geek Reading Series with Evan Ratliff. After writing a story for Wired Magazine about people who attempted to fake their own deaths, he set out to do something similar himself. On August 15 2009, he vanished, and challenged Wired readers to track...

Free Speech banner, an colorful graphic representation of a megaphone

Google Stops its Chinese Censorship

Making good on its promise to stop censoring results of its Chinese language website earlier this year, Google announced on Monday that its uncensored search services are now live. Chinese Internet users searching at are now redirected to, where its Chinese language results are delivered through its...


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