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Deeplinks Blog

ICANN and the New Top-Level Domains

We are in the midst of an historic expansion of internet domain names with more than 1200 new generic top-level domains (“gTLDs”) now competing with <.com>. Accompanying these new gTLDs are new mechanisms for enforcing trademark, copyright, and other regimes that profoundly affect freedom of expression. These mechanisms are little...

RSA 2019 — Cybersecurity + Public Interest Tech Track

A new field is emerging—a community of people using their skills in technology to change the world for the better—the professional field of public interest technology. Join an inspiring track at RSA on Thursday, March 7, with cybersecurity expert and EFF Board Member Bruce Schneier, EFF’s Executive Director Cindy Cohn...
Consent Dark Patterns

Designing Welcome Mats to Invite User Privacy

The way we design user interfaces can have a profound impact on the privacy of a user’s data. It should be easy for users to make choices that protect their data privacy. But all too often, big tech companies instead design their products to manipulate users into surrendering their data...

Hearing Wednesday: EFF Asks Court to Unseal Phone Tap Order That Was Among Hundreds of Questionable Wiretaps Approved By California Court

Riverside, California—On Wednesday, February 13, at 10:00 am, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will ask a state court to unseal a wiretap order issued against individuals with no criminal records to learn why the phones were tapped and whether the warrant authorization process was legitimate.The order was among hundreds of...


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