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EFF has been selected as one of the exclusive non-profit partners of hack.summit() which made history for running the largest virtual developer conference of all time (with 80,000+ developers in attendance). As a non-profit partner, we will be receiving funds generated by ticket sales & sponsorships from the event. This...

Cypurr Social

A local organization in the Electronic Frontier Alliance (not EFF) will host this event: Cypurr Social Join The CyPurr Collective for another SUPER FUN SOCIAL. Hang out, meet other tech-minded folks, ask questions on cybersecurity issues, and generally snack out and enjoy the feature presentation...

Facebook, Instagram Lack Transparency on Government-Ordered Content Removal Amid Unprecedented Demands to Censor User Speech, EFF's Annual Who Has Your Back Report Shows

San Francisco, California—Facing increased demands from governments to remove user content, purportedly in the name of combating hate speech and extremism, a handful of social media and app store platforms—including the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and YouTube—have emerged as leaders in transparency, publicly disclosing how often and why...


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