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Podcast Episode - So You Think You're a Critical Thinker

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Net Neutrality for an Evolving Internet - Hosted by Ofcom

Ofcom is hosting the following event to collect comments from parties to discuss their review of the existing net neutrality rules that govern UK broadband access. "As technology evolves, we’ve been reviewing the net neutrality framework to make sure it still supports innovation and protects consumers. Our ‘Net neutrality for...

Worst in Show Awards 2023

EFF's Cindy Cohn is part of a star-studded panel of guest judges for the Worst in Show Awards.iFixit along with USPIRG and Repair.Org are joining together for the annual event. CES 2023 is off and running, and so are the claims of life-changing technology. But are all these products changing...

The banner for the 2022 Year in Review blog series

Fighting for the Digital Future of Books: 2022 in Review

Informed citizens need comprehensive libraries that meet people where they are. Today, that means online spaces that welcome everyone to use their resources, invite them to create new and truthful works, and respect the interests of both authors and readers. EFF client Internet Archive has created one of those spaces....


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