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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

SeaGL 2020

SeaGL 2020

EFF is proud to be a supporter of this year's SeaGL virtual conference! This grassroots technical summit is dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about free/libre/open source software, hardware, and culture. SeaGL 2020 is free to everyone and will be streamed on various platforms, including...

A lighthouse with EFF logo in a storm

In an Uncertain World, EFF Will Always Support the Users

EFF turned thirty this year. In our three decades of work, we’ve seen huge shifts in the way technology and the Internet help, harm, and otherwise influence the lives of nearly everyone on the planet—and that includes its enormous influence on electoral politics. Our thirty-year view has allowed us the...

No Police Body Cams Without Strict Safeguards

EFF opposes police Body Worn Cameras (BWCs), unless they come with strict safeguards to ensure they actually promote officer accountability without surveilling the public. Police already have too many surveillance technologies, and deploy them all too frequently against people of color and protesters. We have taken this...


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