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No to Online Voting in Virginia

UPDATE February 9 2019: Victory! These bills did not make it out of committee. Experts agree: Internet voting would be an information security disaster. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Virginia is considering a pair of bills to experiment with online voting. Pilot programs will do nothing to contradict the...

Smart cities and surveillance

Cities across the world increasingly deploy new "smart city" technologies in public places. They collect data that might enable energy savings, traffic reduction, or a more efficient delivery of government services. But all-too-often, these tools gather information about identifiable people, and contribute to an ever-growing digital profile of our comings...

Songs of Barlow: A Tribute to John Perry Barlow

Join EFF's Executive Director Cindy Cohn at the Brooklyn Bowl for a celebration of the life and songs of our beloved founder, John Perry Barlow. Cindy will be among the speakers talking about his amazing life and legacy. Performers include: Jason Crosby, Grahaeme Lesh, Ross James & Alex Koford, Jerry...


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