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Seth Schoen presents a keynote address on "The Cypherpunk's Anonymity" at the conference A wie ANONYM. KampnagelJarrestraße 20, Hamburg, Germany

TurkuSec October 2018 meeting

Seth Schoen speaks on "The History of the Battle for Privacy". TurkuSec October meetupSparkUp TurkuTykistökatu 4b, Turku, Finland

New Witness and New Experts Bolster Our Jewel Case As We Fight Government’s Latest Attempt to Derail Lawsuit Challenging Unconstitutional NSA Spying

EFF has presented its full evidentiary case that the five ordinary Americans who are plaintiffs in Jewel v. NSA were among the hundreds of millions of nonsuspect Americans whose communications and communications records have been touched by the government’s mass surveillance regimes. This presentation includes a new...


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