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The Path to Privacy: Stopping Face Surveillance in California

The Path to Privacy: Stopping Face Surveillance in California Every technology used for government surveillance raises a thicket of difficult questions: Should it be adopted at all? What are the benefits and the costs? If it is adopted, who will be targeted? Will it actually make us safer? Face surveillance...
Olive green EFF Speakeasy banner in an art deco style

Spring Members' Speakeasy Online

Update: Registration for this event has already filled up! If you wanted to attend the event, but missed registration, be on the lookout for more events in the future. If you have any questions about the event feel free to message us at Join us virtually on May...
¿Quién defiende tus datos?

El segundo reporte paraguayo ¿Quien defiende tus datos?: Las empresas todavía tienen un largo camino por recorrer hacia el compromiso público de privacidad y transparencia

Siguiendo con la verificación de los compromisos de los proveedores de servicios de Internet con sus usuarios, la organización líder en derechos digitales de Paraguay, TEDIC, lanza hoy su segunda edición de ¿Quién Defiende Tus Datos? (¿Quién defiende tus datos?), un informe en colaboración con la EFF. Las...

Cryptoparty Ann Arbor: A Case Study in Grassroots Activism

Grassroots activism, in its many forms, allows a community to mobilize around a shared set of ideals and creates an environment whereby participants can share information and resources to help facilitate the advancement of their common aims. The Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) is a grassroots network of community and campus...


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