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eIDAS 2.0 Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Web Security

The Council of the European Union this week adopted new language for regulations governing internet systems that may put the security of your browser at greater risk.The new language affects the EU’s electronic identification, authentication and trust services (eIDAS) rules, which are supposed to enable secure online transactions across countries...

VICTORY! The Safe Connections Act is Now Law

In the 21st century, it is difficult to lead a life without a cell phone. It is also difficult to change your number—you’ve given it to all your friends, family, doctors, children’s schools, and so on. It’s especially difficult if you are trying to leave an abusive relationship where your...

India Requires Internet Services to Collect and Store Vast Amount of Customer Data, Building a Path to Mass Surveillance

Privacy and online free expression are once again under threat in India, thanks to vaguely worded cybersecurity directions—promulgated by India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) earlier this year—that impose draconian mass surveillance obligations on internet services, threatening privacy and anonymity and weakening security online.Directions 20(3)/2022 -...


Cómo crear una cuenta en Mastodon y unirse al Fediverso

El reciente caos en Twitter es un recordatorio del hecho de que cuando confías en una plataforma de medios sociales, estás poniendo tu voz, tu privacidad y tu seguridad en manos de las personas que dirigen ese sistema. Mucha gente está buscando a Mastodon como una copia de seguridad o...


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