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EFF Chief Program Officer Rainey Reitman will join 0x General Counsel, Jason Somensatto, for a fireside chat at 0xpo, a 1-day event exploring emerging topics from the decentralized web. Reitman will discuss her 10+ years of experience in digital rights activism with EFF and other organizations, including the impact of...

TA3M: Portland Facial Recognition Ban?

Smart City PDX is preparing two separate ordinances—one for public agencies and another for private entities—and both are tentatively scheduled for City Council hearings this spring.

Threat Modeling

Tools and techniques may change, but threat modeling persists. Threat modeling is the cornerstone for teaching all other digital security concepts: it helps learners to feel confident in planning their defense against risks, and helps facilitators to better teach to the concerns of their audiences.
colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Consumer Privacy: Year in Review 2019

2019 has been an eventful year for consumer privacy, both in a few key courts and state legislatures as well as in Silicon Valley. An important decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in August defended the ability of Illinois citizens to protect their biometric data. Meanwhile, a flurry...


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