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Deeplinks Blog

Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) in a Pandemic

A U.S. lawsuit is asking the court to restrict online access to more than one million books available to the public from the Internet Archives. The U.S. suit alleges that the Internet Archives engaged in “willful mass copyright infringement,” when it asserts that it used a practice called Controlled Digital...

VR glasses that say Come Back with a Warrant

Regresa con una orden judicial para entrar a mi casa virtual

La Realidad Virtual y la Realidad Aumentada en su hogar puede conllevar a la creación de un retrato íntimo de su vida privada. Los headsets VR/AR pueden obtener audio y video del interior de nuestra casa, telemetría sobre nuestros movimientos, datos de profundidad e imágenes que pueden construir una representación...

minimalist image of a stingray van intercepting signals between cell phone users and a cell tower

Judge Upends Vallejo’s Use of a Stingray

Cops in Vallejo have put their controversial cell-phone surveillance tool back in the box, after a judge released a tentative ruling (which the judge might or might not later finalize or amend) that they'd acquired it in violation of state law. The case was brought by Oakland Privacy, the EFF...

EFF at the 3rd Annual Conference on Transparency and Informational Freedoms in Peru

Peru’s next presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in 2021, in the context of a health emergency, new rules for electoral advertising, and campaign strategies through the Internet and social networks. Within this context, the Legal Clinic for Informational Freedoms and Transparency of the Universidad del Pacífico Law School...

California's Net Neutrality Law

In 2018, California enacted SB 822, providing protections for net neutrality and banning practices by Internet service providers that would harm Californians’ ability to speak, learn, organize, and compete online. This page collects letters of support for the bill from a wide range of organizations.


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