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Moderate Globally, Impact Locally: The Global Impacts of Content Moderation

While there has been plenty of discussion around the impact of social media on American democracy, across much of the Global South its influence has been even greater. In many emerging democracies, access to traditional media is limited, and independent journalism is a relatively young phenomenon. These factors can often...

"Monopolies, not mind-control" at Data Natives

EFF Special Advisor Cory Doctorow delivers the day one closing keynote at the Data Natives conference:Software has eaten the world and crapped out a dystopia: a place where Abbot Labs uses copyright claims to stop people with diabetes from taking control over their insulin dispensing and where BMW is...

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Podcast Episode: Why Does My Internet Suck?

Episode 002 of EFF’s How to Fix the InternetGigi Sohn joins EFF hosts Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien as they discuss broadband access in the United States – or the lack thereof. Gigi explains the choices American policymakers and tech companies made that have caused millions to lack access to...

Asleep at the Wheel: Why Didn't Carmakers Prepare for Massachusetts' Right to Repair Law?

The people of Massachusetts demanded their right to repair this month, passing a ballot initiative to allow independent repair shops to access critical information about their cars by an overwhelming 74.9% majority. Now, automakers—whose scare tactics and false privacy and security claims did not fool Massachusetts voters—are expected...


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