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27th Annual Pioneer Awards

Join us on September 27 as we gather for our annual celebration of Digital Rights activism and this year's winners of the Pioneer Awards: Fair Use Champion Stephanie Lenz, European Digital Rights Leader Joe McNamee and Groundbreaking Content Moderation Researcher Sarah T. Roberts. This year, EFF will dedicate the annual...

The NSA Continues to Blame Technology for Breaking the Law

UPDATE September 14, 2018: This blog has been updated at the bottom to include information about two Senators’ reactions to the NSA’s call detail record deletion. In late June, the NSA announced a magic trick—hundreds of millions of collected call records would disappear. Its lovely assistant? Straight from the agency’s...

CyberStarts Boston

Eva Galperin, EFF's director of cybersecurity, will be speaking at CyberStarts Boston on September 20, 2018. CyberStarts Boston is free one-day event hosted by Kaspersky Lab that empowers the next generation of cybersecurity professionals by: Narrowing the gender gap in IT security Addressing the growing...

A Click on a URL Isn’t Enough for a Search Warrant

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has asked an appeals court to ensure that a click on a URL isn’t enough to get a search warrant for your house. In U.S. v. Nikolai Bosyk, law enforcement discovered a link to a file-sharing service that was suspected of being...

Stupid Patent of the Month: A Newspaper on a Screen

One of the oldest challenges in journalism is deciding what goes on the front page. How big should the headline be? What articles merit front-page placement? When addressing these questions, publishers deal with a physical limit in the size of the page. Digital publishing faces a similar constraint: the storage...


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