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Defending Users: Initial Ideas for Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Payment Processors, and Other Choke Points Within the Blockchain Ecosystem

The blockchain ecosystem has drastically changed over the last nine years, and the realities of today don’t closely resemble how many early enthusiasts imagined Bitcoin would evolve. People are no longer mining Bitcoin on their home laptops, and most people aren’t storing private keys on their own hard drives and...

California Should Provide Public Access to Police Body Cam Footage

These days, more police officers are using body-worn cameras, or BWCs. That's why it's more important than ever we have clear guidelines around the public's right to access those police recordings. To that end, EFF is supporting [PDF] A.B. 748, a bill currently pending in the California legislature that...
Supreme Court

The Next Supreme Court Justice: Here's What the Senate Should Ask About New Technologies and the Internet

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination has sparked a great deal of discussion about his views on reproductive rights and executive authority. But the Supreme Court tackles a broad range of issues, including the present and future of digital rights and innovation. As Congress plays its crucial constitutional role in scrutinizing judicial nominees...

Decentralized Web Summit

Join EFF at the Decentralized Web Summit in San Francisco! We’ll be joining community members, builders, and experts to discuss how core civil liberties translate to the decentralized web ecosystem. Make sure to catch the following presentations and events featuring EFF staff: Cindy Cohn, Executive Director: Decentralizing Social Networks (Panel...


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