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El Fair Use Creep es una característica, no un bug

Abogados, académicos y activistas, incluida la EFF, destacan a menudo la Sección 512 de la Digital Millennium Copyright Act y la Sección 230 (originalmente de la Ley de Decencia en las Comunicaciones) como los fundamentos jurídicos de Internet. Pero existe otra doctrina, mucho más antigua, que es al menos igual...
AI Military

Open Data and the AI Black Box

Artificial Intelligence (AI) grabs headlines with new tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, but it is already here and having major impacts on our lives. Increasingly we see law enforcement, medical care, schools and workplaces all turning to the black box of AI to make life altering decisions– a trend...

Kurt Opsahl Moves to EFF Special Counsel

Longtime EFFer and Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Kurt Opsahl will be moving on from the Electronic Frontier Foundation after nearly 20 years, on February 1. But we aren’t going to let him go too far: Kurt will continue on as a Special Counsel of EFF. Kurt will be...

Text: CDA 230 The Most Important Law Protecting Internet Speech

Online Speech and The Supreme Court

What Policymakers Need to Know About the First Amendment and Section 230The Supreme Court is about to hear two cases - Twitter v. Taamneh, and Gonzalez v. Google - that could dramatically affect users’ speech rights online, and we invite you to a panel discussing what legislators need to know...


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