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Deeplinks Blog

Surveillance Court to the FBI: You Have Some Explaining to Do

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the normally-secretive federal court based in Washington, D.C. that oversees much of the nation’s foreign intelligence surveillance programs, took an unusual step yesterday: it issued a public order chastising the FBI for its handling of the applications submitted to conduct surveillance of Carter Page, a...

EFF to ICANN: Stop .ORG Domain Registry Sale To Private Equity Firm

San Francisco—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today said a private equity firm newly created by domain name industry insiders should be stopped from acquiring the .ORG domain registry, which provides a home on the Internet to thousands of public interest nonprofits organizations.EFF joins groups ranging from the Girl Scouts and...

EFF at ShmooCon 2020

EFF is thrilled to be part of ShmooCon 2019. Stop by the EFF booth to chat with some of our team and learn about the latest developments in defending digital freedom for all. You can even pick up a special gift as a token of our thanks when you take...

EFF at Enigma 2020

EFF is excited to be a part of the fifth iteration of Enigma, a security conference by USENIX geared towards those working in both industry and research. We'll be in the expo hall, so come say hi and learn more about our current work, and even become a member! Enigma...
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EFF on Equilibrium Radio

Originally called "Hardcore Righteousness" and established by Lamel Watson and Kwame Vear, Equilibrium Radio was the first Hip Hop program to be broadcast on Harlem NY's own WHCR-90.3FM and has always been regarded as a staple of the college / independent Hip Hop radio community. In the summer of 2004...
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EFF Report Shows FBI Is Failing to Address First Amendment Harms Caused By National Security Letters

EFF has long fought to end the FBI’s ability to impose gag orders via National Security Letters (NSLs). They violate the First Amendment and result in indefinite prohibitions on recipients’ ability to speak publicly about controversial government surveillance powers. Records and data released by the FBI earlier this year confirm...
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The Failed Fix to NSL Gag Orders: How the Majority of National Security Letter Recipients Remain Gagged After USA FREEDOM

This report details how, despite repeated efforts by Congress and federal courts, the FBI’s controversial national security letter (“NSL”) authority remains unconstitutional by subjecting recipients to indefinite prior restraints. EFF’s analysis of records it obtained in a Freedom of Information Act suit concludes that absent further judicial or legislative intervention...
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Speaking Freely: An Interview With Biella Coleman

Gabriella “Biella” Coleman is an anthropologist whose work focuses on a range of subjects, from the anthropology of medicine to the practice of whistleblowing. To EFF readers, she is probably best known for her work on hacker communities. We recently got together to discuss a subject that Biella—who has a...


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