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Washington Post Cybersecurity Summit graphic

Washington Post Cybersecurity Summit

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, The Washington Post will gather technologists, government officials, security experts, and other leaders in cybersecurity across both public and private sectors to discuss these rapidly evolving issues. EFF's Director of Cybersecurity, Eva Galperin, will be speaking on the the subject of Spouseware and Stalkerware. This event...
EFF Staffer wearing EFF hoodie

Help EFF Find Our Next Development Director

EFF’s member base is different from that of any other organization I know. I can’t count how many times someone has seen me in my EFF hoodie and excitedly approached me to show me their membership card. Our members are passionate about protecting civil liberties online, and being EFF members...

The Christchurch Call Comes to the UN

On Monday, EFF participated in the Christchurch Call Leaders’ Dialogue at the UN General Assembly in New York in our capacity as a member of the Christchurch Call Advisory Network. The meeting, chaired by the leaders of New Zealand, France, and Jordan, featured speeches from a diverse array of government...
Artificial Intelligence

EFF to HUD: Algorithms Are No Excuse for Discrimination

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is considering adopting new rules that would effectively insulate landlords, banks, and insurance companies that use algorithmic models from lawsuits that claim their practices have an unjustified discriminatory effect. HUD’s proposal is flawed, and suggests that the agency doesn’t understand...

The Future of 5G for California: Ensuring Equitable Access

CITRIS Research Exchange - 5G, Tech and Policy Leaders "The Future of 5G for California: Ensuring Equitable Access" About the Panel: 5G wireless networks hold great potential, enabling unprecedented advancements in linking robots, cars, and other sensor-enabled technologies and infrastructure to revolutionize cities. While the future of smart cities...


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