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La propuesta de Ley de Servicios Digitales de la Comisión Europea acierta en mucho, pero aún falta otorgar más control a los usuarios

La Comisión Europea publicó hoy un proyecto de Ley de Servicios Digitales, la reforma más importante de la normativa europea sobre Internet en dos décadas. La propuesta, que modernizará la columna vertebral de la legislación de Internet de la UE - la Directiva de Comercio Electrónico -establece nuevas responsabilidades...

Facial Recognition

Massachusetts Legislators Should Stand With Their Communities and Restore Face Recognition Prohibitions to Police Reform Bill

Before 2020 ends, Massachusetts could become the first state to implement robust state-wide protections from government use of face recognition. As part of a sweeping package of police reform legislation (S. 2963) inspired by protests for police accountability, state legislators in the commonwealth passed a prohibition on government agencies...

¿Quién defiende tus datos?

IPANDETEC publica el primer informe que califica las políticas de privacidad de los proveedores de telecomunicaciones de Nicaragua

IPANDETEC, una organización de derechos digitales centroamericana, publicó hoy su primer informe "¿Quién defiende tus datos?" para Nicaragua, en el que se evalúa el grado en que los proveedores de servicios de telefonía móvil e Internet (ISP) del país protegen los datos personales y las comunicaciones de los...

Raid on COVID Whistleblower in Florida Shows the Need to Reform Overbroad Computer Crime Laws and the Risks of Over-Reliance on IP Addresses

The armed Florida Department of Law Enforcement raid on Monday on the Tallahassee Florida home of data scientist and COVID whistleblower Rebekah Jones was shocking on many levels. This incident smacks of retaliation against someone claiming to provide the public with truthful information about the most pressing issue facing both...

Facebooks thumbs up thumbs down

Federal and State Antitrust Suits Challenging Facebook’s Acquisitions are a Welcome Sight

Antitrust enforcers charged with protecting us from monopolists have awoke from decades-long hibernation to finally address something users have known, and been paying for with their private data, for years: Facebook’s acquisitions of rival platforms have harmed social media users by reducing competition, leaving them with fewer choices and creating...

Dark Caracal

Dark Caracal: You Missed a Spot

Security researchers at EFF have tracked APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) targeting civil society for many years now. And while in many cases, the “advanced” appellation is debatable, “persistent” is not. Since 2015, EFF has tracked the cyber-mercenaries known as Dark Caracal, a threat actor who has carried out digital...


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