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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

El nuevo informe chileno ¿Quién Defiende Tus Datos? muestra un mayor compromiso de los ISP con la privacidad de los usuarios

Derechos Digitales, la organización líder de derechos digitales de Chile, ha publicado hoy, en colaboración con EFF, su tercer informe anual Who Defends Your Data (¿Quién Defiende Tus Datos? ) . El informe evalúa si los principales ISP del país aplican políticas y prácticas de privacidad que ponen...
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Black Hat Briefings 2019: Speak Tech to Power - Working with Congress on Tech Policy

Location: South Pacific HI, Lower Level, North HallTrack: Community Workshops Election Security vulnerabilities, Data Breaches, Encryption Backdoors: Lawmakers have plenty of ideas about where the problems are in technology policy and even more ideas about how to fix them. How will these fixes impact the infosec community, and are they...

BSidesLV 2019: Ask the EFF

Location: Underground Track “Ask the EFF” will be a panel presentation and question-and-answer session with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, featuring Kurt Opsahl, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel; Eva Galperin, Director of Cyber Security; Nathan ‘nash’ Sheard, Grassroots Advocacy Organizer and India McKinney, Legislative Analyst. Half the session will be...
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DEF CON 27: Meet the EFF - Meetup Panel

Join staffers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation—the nation's premier digital civil liberties group fighting for freedom and privacy in the computer age—for a candid chat about how the law is racing to catch up with technological change. Then meet representatives from Electronic Frontier Alliance allied community and campus organizations from...
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DEF CON 27: EFF Tech Trivia

EFF's team of technology experts have crafted challenging trivia about the fascinating, obscure, and trivial aspects of digital security, online rights, and Internet culture. Competing teams will plumb the unfathomable depths of their knowledge, but only the champion hive mind will claim the First Place Tech Trivia Cup and EFF...


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