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Deeplinks Blog

So-called “Consent Searches” Harm Our Digital Rights

Imagine this scenario: You’re driving home. Police pull you over, allegedly for a traffic violation. After you provide your license and registration, the officer catches you off guard by asking: “Since you’ve got nothing to hide, you don’t mind unlocking your phone for me, do you?” Of course, you don’t...

Facebooks thumbs up thumbs down

La vida sigue igual en WhatsApp

Los usuarios de WhatsApp han empezado a ver recientemente una nueva pantalla emergente exigiéndoles aceptar sus nuevos términos y política de privacidad para poder seguir utilizando la aplicación. En un principio, los usuarios debían aceptarlas antes del 8 de febrero, pero tras la polémica generalizada, WhatsApp ha anunciado que...

EFF at Enigma 2021

EFF is excited to be a part of the sixth iteration of Enigma, a security conference by USENIX geared towards those working in both industry and research. Enigma centers on a single track of engaging talks covering a wide range of topics in security and privacy. Expect three days...

Worst in Show Awards

EFF's Cindy Cohn and Cory Doctorow are part of a star-studded panel of guest judges for the Worst in Show Awards.iFixit along with USPIRG and Repair.Org are joining together for the first annual event. #CES2021​ is off and running, and so are the claims...

Serving Seniors Virtually In The Age of Covid

LAACHA Innovation Summit Part II: New Ways of Doing Things: Serving Seniors Virtually In The Age of CovidInnovation Summit Part II is the second of a two-part capacity-building event designed to support and provide our members and community stakeholders with opportunities to:Learn about digital inclusion initiatives that impact access to...

The FCC and States Must Ban Digital Redlining

The rollout of fiber broadband will never make it to many communities in the US. That’s because large, national ISPs are currently laying fiber primarily focused on high-income users to the detriment of the rest of their users. The absence of regulators has created a situation where wealthy end users...

US flag with spying eyes for stars

The Government Has All of the Powers It Needs to Find and Prosecute Those Responsible for the Crimes on Capitol Hill This Week

Perpetrators of the horrific events that took place at the Capitol on January 6 had a clear goal: to undermine the legitimate operations of government, to disrupt the peaceful transition of power, and to intimidate, hurt, and possibly kill those political leaders that disagree with their worldview. These are all...


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