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Don’t Mix Policing with COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Over the weekend, Minnesota’s Public Safety Commissioner analogized COVID-19 contact tracing with police investigation of arrested protesters. This analogy is misleading and dangerous. It also underlines the need for public health officials to practice strict data minimization—including a ban on sharing with police any personal information collected through contact tracing...
Protesters and police. Photo by Rose Pineda

Las Vidas Negras Importan, en línea y en las calles: Declaración de EFF tras los asesinatos de Breonna Taylor y George Floyd por parte de la policía

Las vidas negras importan en las calles. Las vidas negras importan en Internet. La EFF respalda a las comunidades enlutadas por las víctimas de los homicidios cometidos por la policía. Nos ponemos al lado de los manifestantes que son atropellados por las patrullas. Permanecemos al lado de los periodistas esposados...

How Big Tech Monopolies Distort Our Public Discourse

Long before the pandemic crisis, there was widespread concern over the impact that tech was having on the quality of our discourse, from disinformation campaigns to influence campaigns to polarization. It's true that the way we talk to each other and about the world has changed, both in form (thanks...


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