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EFF at BSides SF 2018

EFF is proud to be a part of BSides SF 2018 at City View at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco April 15 and 16. Check out our Ask the EFF Panel at 4:50 pm on Sunday, April 15. All day Sunday and Monday...
Missing Device: Meme-Making DVR

Catalog of Missing Devices: Meme-Making DVR

The Supreme Court says that copyright requires "escape valves" like fair use to comply with the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of expression. Fair use -- and its non-US cousin, Fair Dealing -- allows people to make new works from copyrighted materials without permission, especially when it comes to political...

Eyebeam Open Call: Access

Electronic Frontier Alliance member Eyebeam seeks applications that consider how art and technology can challenge dominant notions of access and how together we can shape a more equitable future.

Responsibility Deflected, the CLOUD Act Passes

UPDATE, March 23, 2018: President Donald Trump signed the $1.3 trillion government spending bill—which includes the CLOUD Act—into law Friday morning. “People deserve the right to a better process.” Those are the words of Jim McGovern, representative for Massachusetts and member of the House of Representatives Committee on Rules...

John Perry Barlow Symposium

Join us for a celebration of the life and leadership of the recently departed founder of EFF, John Perry Barlow. His friends and compatriots in the fight for civil liberties, a fair and open internet, and voices for open culture will discuss what his ideas mean to them, and how...
Congress + Action

How Congress Censored the Internet

In Passing SESTA/FOSTA, Lawmakers Failed to Separate Their Good Intentions from Bad Law Today was a dark day for the Internet. The U.S. Senate just voted 97-2 to pass the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA, H.R. 1865), a bill that silences online speech...
Alaska Screenshot by Colin Arisman

EFF Helps SEACC Stand Up To Mining Company, Protects Fair Use Rights

When a mining company sent a cease and desist letter aimed at a critical documentary, the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC) worked with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help them respond. Hecla Mining Company claimed [PDF] that SEACC had infringed Hecla’s copyright by using short clips from a Hecla...

EFF's 2nd Annual Tech Trivia Night

Join us for our second annual exploration of the fascinating, obscure, and trivial minutiae of digital security, online rights, and Internet culture. It’s the ultimate technology quiz crafted by EFF experts and hosted by our very own Cooper Quintin. Bring your friends (or make a few new ones)! We'll form...

Doc Talk: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Discusses Digital Security

SFFILM Makers invites you and a guest to join us for the next installment of their DocTalk series led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As documentary filmmakers dare to continue telling the most sensitive, urgent stories of our time, they often find themselves in precarious situations that may include protecting...


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