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Artificial Intelligence

FTC Hearing on Competition and Consumer Protection

EFF Tech Project Director Dr. Jeremy Gillula will be joining a panel on "Consumer Protection Implications of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics," as part of the FTC's "Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century." The hearing will examine competition and consumer protection issues associated with the...

Privacy Lab

A local organization in the Electronic Frontier Alliance (not EFF) will host this event: November Privacy Lab Please join Privacy Lab at Berkeley's International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), where Serge Egelman—Research Director of Usable Security and Privacy at ICSI—will share his research on how...

Snowden Files Declaration in NSA Spying Case Confirming Authenticity of Draft Inspector General Report Discussing Unprecedented Surveillance of Americans, Which He Helped Expose

EFF filed papers with the court in its long-running Jewel v. NSA mass spying case today that included a surprising witness: Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden’s short declaration confirms that a document relied upon in the case, a draft NSA Inspector General Report from 2009 discussing...


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