Senators Kevin de Leon and Wiener had recently joined forces to push their net neutrality bills through the Assembly Committee on Communications and Conveyance tomorrow as a joint package. Such a unified effort represented the most powerful way to move both S.B. 460 and S.B. 822 together to present Governor Brown the strongest net neutrality bill in the country.

However, EFF has learned that their effort to move a strong package has been rejected by Communications and Conveyance Chairman Miguel Santiago. In essence, it appears now that the Chair of the Assembly Committee is ready to strike key provisions out of the legislative package on behalf of AT&T and Comcast rather than allow an up or down vote on the bills as they stand.

EFF had expressed concerns that lawmakers in Sacramento would be fooled into removing some of the strongest provisions designed to protect low-income Internet users after an intense lobbying campaign by AT&T, and it appears our concerns have been validated.

But we still have time to make our voices heard and declare that any changes to S.B. 822 that remove provisions on behalf of AT&T and Comcast are unacceptable. The Committee is still 24 hours away from voting on the bills. We need every Californian right now that supports net neutrality to call their Assemblymember, especially if you reside in a district occupied by a member of the Committee on Communications and Conveyance.

Never underestimate the power of making your voice heard. Never underestimate the power of our collective effort as Team Internet.

You can also make sure Chairman Santiago hears that California is watching and won’t stand for anything less than true, strong net neutrality protections. Tweet him to let him know.

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