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Deeplinks Blog

Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress

EFF is excited to support this year's Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress! This year's event features a full Congress to learn about cybersecurity and risk prevention strategies; an exhibition area to connect with new organizations; and other attractions like the Hacking Village where you'll find EFF handouts, stickers, and more.EFF supporters...

A woman holds an ultrasound with keys

El senador Wyden denuncia a intermediarios que venden datos de localización a grupos antiabortistas que atacan a quienes buscan abortar

En una carta reciente a la FTC y la SEC, el senador Ron Wyden (OR) detalla nueva información sobre el intermediario de datos Near, que vendió los datos de localización de personas que buscaban atención sanitaria reproductiva a grupos antiabortistas. Near permitía a estos grupos enviar anuncios específicos que...

icons representing types of internet sites connected in a non-hierarchical, distributed manner

Defending Access to the Decentralized Web

Decentralized web technologies have the potential to make the internet more robust and efficient, supporting a new wave of innovation. However, the fundamental technologies and services that make it work are already being hit with overreaching legal threats.Exhibit A: the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS operates via a “distributed hash...


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