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Members Helped Raise Over $140,000 in 140 Hours

December 12, 2011

Members Helped Raise Over $140,000 in 140 Hours

Top Heroes Contribution
@lakelady $5,000.00
davesf $3,000.00
@dualcoremusic $2250.25
@AlSweigar $1,200.00
ttuttle $1,024.00
elly $1,024.00
darrin $1,001.00
@oot $1,000.00
TechFreedom $1,000.00
mlcat $1,000.00
@NeadWerx $1,000.00
mmajorek $1,000.00
@juliusz $1,000.00
lunaslide $1,000.00
@juliusz $1,000.00

The Power Up Your Donation Campaign successfully ended moments ago, having raised $140,000 from over 1,000 members.

That's an average of over $1,000 per hour for the length of the campaign.  We couldn't be more excited, or more thankful for the generous matching grants from the Parker Family Foundation, Nancy Blachman and David desJardins, and Blake Krikorian.  As well as outstanding contribution from our Top Heroes and Heroines:

Last Thursday, EFF asked friends and followers on social networks to support our work and help spread the word that donations to our Power Up Your Donation campaign could be quadrupled for 140 hours. In addition to far exceeding our original fundraising goal of $10,000, supporters filled the social networks with messages encouraging others to do the same. Here are a few of our favorites:

@Le_Ted: "Hey, do you like the Internet as much as I do? Probably not, but give to the @EFF anyway. They need us! BOTS WITH SOUL"

@iglazer: "Why I donated to @EFF: Because civil liberties need more champions like the @EFF"

@GoinEasy9: "Why I donated to @EFF: We need someone looking out for us when our Liberties and Freedoms are being taken away."

@billkrikp: "Why I donated to @EFF: I kind of like this 'internet' thing and hope it sticks around a while."

@mtrumpbour: "Why I donated to @EFF: because electronic freedom isn't free."

EFF was built as a membership organization to ensure that we represent the rights and freedoms of technology users.  Our members give credence to the importance of our work when facing Congress, companies, and the Court. 

But being a member of EFF is more than that. As a member, you can stay on the bleeding edge of breaking issues in the fight for digital rights through activism campaigns or EFF updates.  EFF members also get exclusive opportunities to attend EFF-only events and cool discounts, and even get awesome EFF swag like our metal Bill of Rights card (great for your pocket when going through airport security).

We're growing a movement to defend civil liberties in an era of ever-changing technologies. When you become a member of EFF, you stop being a spectator in the battle for digital rights and start being a digital defender.  If you're kicking yourself for missing the Power Up challenge, then don't worry: you can still join EFF. And thanks to the incredible generosity of the Brin Wojcicki Foundation, you can still double your donation.  So show your commitment to a future that upholds privacy, free speech, and innovation by becoming an EFF member or giving a year-end gift today.

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