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Podcast Episode - Wordle and the Web We Need

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

second additional protocol to the budapest convention

La EFF y Al Sur lanzan una guía para concienciar sobre las deficiencias del Tratado de Vigilancia Transfronteriza y las estrategias para mitigar sus riesgos para los derechos humanos

DESCARGA ESTE INFORMELos países latinoamericanos tienen una decisión que tomar en los próximos meses – si se adhieren a un nuevo conjunto de normas para coordinar y cooperar entre sí y con otras naciones alrededor del mundo en materia de investigaciones penales. Abierto a la...

lighthouse w/ text: how to fix the internet with cindy cohn and danny obrien; the philosopher king

Podcast Episode: The Philosopher King

Computer scientists often build algorithms with a keen focus on “solving the problem,” without considering the larger implications and potential misuses of the technology they’re creating. That’s how we wind up with machine learning that prevents qualified job applicants from advancing, or blocks mortgage applicants from buying homes, or creates...

SafeGraph’s Disingenuous Claims About Location Data Mask a Dangerous Industry

On Tuesday, Motherboard reported that data broker SafeGraph was selling location information “related to visits to clinics that provide abortions including Planned Parenthood facilities.” This included where people came from and where they went afterwards.In response, SafeGraph agreed to stop selling data about Planned Parenthood visitors. But it...


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