If you have any questions about the Criminal Defender Toolkit or would like to learn more, please contact defense@eff.org or  submit a query in the portal below.

If you would like help in identifying a potential expert, email info@eff.org with the subject line: "Defender Toolkit Expert Needed by [date]" and include the following information:

  1. What jurisdiction are you in? Where are you located?
  2. What specific type of expertise are you looking for and what should the expert be able to explain?
  3. What is your timeline? When do you need the expert by? When is your hearing/trial date?
  4. Would the expert need to prepare a written report, testify in court, or both?

Once we have a list of a potential experts who are interested, we will pass along their information to you along with any relevant details they have furnished.

If you would like to request EFF's support in the form of an amicus brief, please submit the following information, including the deadline for filing:

(For amicus support, please include filing deadlines. We also welcome feedback and suggestions, such as other technologies or cases we should include.)