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EFF's technology development and research projects aim to improve the rights of free expression, security, and privacy on the internet. All of our work is released under free and open source licenses such as the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons licenses. We welcome your code patches and other contributions!

HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension that ensures you use HTTPS to the greatest extent possible, for sites that support HTTPS. It is part of our larger mission to Encrypt the Web in its entirety.

The SSL Observatory is a view of the state of HTTPS deployment in the IPv4 address space. The Observatory has exposed insecure behavior by certificate authorities, the huge number of CAs and intermediate signing certificates in use on the internet, surprisingly widespread cryptographic errors, and more.

Panopticlick shows how easy it is to uniquely identify browsers on the web, even without cookies.

Surveillance Self-Defense and SSD International provide advice on how to protect your electronic privacy, in legal and technical terms. Note that SSD covers only US law.

Total Election Awareness helps people report voting booth anomalies and abuses. It is hosted at

MyTube protects people's privacy from third-party video hosting providers. As soon as your browser loads a page with embedded video, it contacts the video provider and may receive a tracking cookie from the provider. MyTube is a bit of JavaScript code to stop the automatic load, and provides a Play button to load the video.

TOSBack, was a project to keep track of changes in web application providers' Terms of Service documents, and shows the differences. It subsequently became part of the Terms of Service; Didn't Read project.

Switzerland is a (no longer maintained) project to detect violations of network neutrality and of connection integrity by capturing and comparing packet traces of network traffic between two computers. If the receiver sees something different than what the sender sent, Switzerland will discover this and alert users to the difference. pcapdiff compares two packet captures, and we have a whitepaper on Detecting Packet Injection.

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Does the content of your emails have a nationality? Microsoft Ireland case may decide:

Sep 2 @ 11:57am

82% of Californians think cops should have to get a warrant to track their Internet use. It's time to pass CalECPA.

Sep 2 @ 11:06am

Economist warns against the TPP's Copyright Trap and its threats to New Zealand's artists and culture:

Sep 1 @ 4:57pm
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