EFF intern Reema Moussa contributed to this blog post.

Every year the Cybertiger stalks his prey: pressing nerds everywhere with the most obscure, fascinating, minutiae of tech-related questions to quiz digital freedom supporters on their tech know-how. Who will come out on top, he wonders? Well, we found out last week, on Thursday, April 27 for EFF’s 7th Annual Tech Trivia Night!

Thankfully, this year, the Cybertiger (EFF’s one and only Cooper Quintin, Senior Staff Technologist) wasn’t the only one dressed up for the occasion. Our three judges also dazzled the attendees: Jon Callas with a red velvet suit and top hat, Eva Galperin with a very judgmental gown, Ava Salas with a goth dress and cat ears.

After going through a fit check for everyone on stage, the competition was ready to start! Seven teams put their tech-know-how to the test, all ready to battle it out for the chance to win champion trophies and EFF prize packs.

Rounds one and two brought this trivia night to an interesting start! The “Non-Functional Twits,” “Law Cybertigers,” and “RatGPT,” were in a three-way tie for second place, and “Googol” and “Table 10” were battling it out for first place.

After round three, a representative from each of the seven teams went up on stage for an impromptu question from our Cybertiger: “What’s your best jailbreak prompt to ChatGPT?” Each representative had to come up with their best answer. RatGPT won Eva’s vote, asking ChatGPT how they would socially engineer their captors to escape if they were a human being held captive. Ultimately, “Team Googol” won both Ava and Jon’s vote with their answer that was along the lines of calling ChatGPT a “Dirty Boy.”

By the time we got to the sixth round of questions, the drinks had brought our Cybertiger to the realization that he could not quit EFF for standup comedy after dropping his microphone during a bad joke that honestly no one can remember.

After the final round of questions, we got our winners!

In third place, "Team Googol" with 33 points!

3rd place team Team Googol with Cooper Quintin

In second place, "Nonfunctional Twits" with 39 points!

2nd place team Team Nonfunctional Twits with Cooper Quintin

The winning team, "Table 10" with 41 points!

1st place team Team Table 10 with Cooper Quintin

Of course, many thanks to this year’s sponsors, Gandi.net and No Starch Press! If you or your company are interested in supporting a future EFF event, please contact Mei Harrison

EFF’s sincere appreciation goes out to the many participants who joined us for a great quiz over tacos and drinks while never losing sight of EFF’s mission to drive the world towards a better digital future. Thank you to the digital freedom supporters around the world to help ensure that EFF can continue working in the courts and on the streets to protect online privacy and free expression. 

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