Last year, the U.S. Senate held a hearing about consumer privacy without a single voice for actual consumers. At the time, we were promised more hearings with more diverse voices. And while a hearing a month later with consumer advocates did seem to be a step forward, this week's two hearings—only mostly full of witnesses from tech companies—make us worried about a step back.

EFF actively supports new consumer data privacy laws to empower technology users and others. Today, 90 percent of Americans feel they no longer have control over their data when they go online. Laws that impose legal duties on large technology companies that monetize consumer data, coupled with strong enforcement such as a private right of action, will give users back control.

In order to create an enforceable law that actually protects consumers, Congress needs to consider many different aspects of the issue. This week, both the House and the Senate are holding hearings on this topic, but unfortunately, instead of hearing a variety of voices and perspectives on this topic, once again, Congress decided to hear mostly from tech companies.

As Members of Congress and Senators prepare for their hearings, we hope they consider EFF’s past materials on consumer privacy legislation, which make clear our concerns and recommendations that should be considered for any privacy law:

We’ll be watching both of these hearings. Join us at @EFFLive as we share our thoughts in real time.

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