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EFFector - Volume 7, Issue 7 - Upcoming Congressional Hearings on Clipper and Digital Telephony


EFFector - Volume 7, Issue 7 - Upcoming Congressional Hearings on Clipper and Digital Telephony

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EFFector Online Volume 07 No. 07      Apr. 20, 1994
A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation        ISSN 1062-9424

In This Issue:

Upcoming Congressional Hearings on Clipper and Digital Telephony
EFF Seeking Director of Finance
EFF Position Available: Membership Director
NTIA Privacy Notice of Inquiry - Deadline Extended, Act Now!
New York Bill for Public Access to Govt. Info Needs Support
House Internet Security Hearing Testimony Available Online
What YOU Can Do


Subject: Upcoming Congressional Hearings on Clipper and Digital Telephony

Congressional hearings on the Administration's Clipper/Skipjack initiative,
and the FBI's draft Digital Telephony surveillance bill, and their
implications for privacy and First Amendment rights, are to be held
April 27 and May 3, 1994.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), of the Senate Judiciary's Technology and the Law
Subcommittee, has expressed skepticism of the Clipper encryption scheme,
and has called for hearings to examine the problems of this proposal and its
implementation.  This effort is due in part to all of you who responded to
EFF's grassroots campaign to raise fundamental questions about security and
free speech issues in relation to the White House proposal.

The Senate hearing will be held on April 27, 1994, 9:30am EDT, Hart
Building Rm. 216, and should feature testimony from the Digital Security
and Privacy Working Group (a broad coalition of industry and public
interest organizations, headed by EFF), Trusted Information Systems' Steve
Walker, Whitfield Diffie of Sun Microsystems, a representative of the
Justice Dept. (possibly Atty. Gen. Janet Reno), NSA Director Adm. Mike
McConnell, and Ray Kammer of NIST.

For more information, contact Senate staffers at the Senate Judiciary
Committee: +1 202 224 3406 (voice), +1 202 224 9516 (fax)
Note: this is the full Committee's fax, so address faxes to "Technology
and the Law Subcommittee" or delivery may be delayed.

Following the Senate Hearings, the House Science, Space and Technology
Subcommittee on Technology, Environment and Aviation will be holding a
hearing to address related civil liberties issues of both the Clipper
scheme and the FBI "Digital Telephony" proposal, which so far remains
unsponsored. The hearing will be chaired by Rep. Tim Valentine (D-NC), and
is scheduled for May 3, 1994, 1pm EDT, Rayburn Building Rm. 2318.  Witnesses
will include Ray Kammer of NIST, NSA's Clint Brooks, representatives from
industry in a panel that will include USTA and TIA, expert witnesses
Dorothy Denning and David Farber, and EFF's Jerry Berman on behalf of
DPSWG.  FBI appears not to be making a showing.

The House hearing is being held "to review the Administration's policies
and legislative proposals dealing with electronic survellance, privacy
and security, ...the adequacy of the Computer Security Act in protecting
goverment computer systems", and "the Administration's proposed Digital
Telephony legislation and decision to promulgate a voluntary federal
encryption standard".

Futher information can be provided by the staff of the Subcommittee at
+1 202 225 8115 (voice), +1 202 225 7815 (fax)


Subject: EFF Seeking Director of Finance

Visible, growing public interest organization in Washington, DC (11 staff,
$1.5M budget) seeks an experienced fiscal manager with background in
nonprofit administration.  

EFF focuses on public policy and public awareness concerning information
infrastructure, application of law, and protection of civil liberties in
online media.  Future projects may address changes in social fabric and the
meaning of community, and commercial, economic, and international issues
related to new digital technologies.  

Responsibilities include budget development and tracking, financial strategy,
accounting, audits, purchasing, human resource administration, managing
office support and computer systems functions, and facilities.  Position
reports to Executive Director, but requires work with busy staff and Board
members. Some travel will be required.  

Applicants should have a bachelors degree and at least 10 years experience,
preferably in a key role in a nonprofit.  Strong financial management, full
computer literacy (accounting software, spreadsheets, word processing, and
databases; Macintosh experience preferred), excellent writing and
communication skills, attention to detail, flexibility, sense of humor.  
Able to plan with team but carry out projects independently. Interest in
EFF's mission a plus.  

Salary $45-50,000 plus full benefits.  

Send resume, cover letter, salary history, and brief writing sample to
recruiter by 29 April 1994.  No phone calls please.  

Email (ascii only):  
US mail:  Lisa Breit & Associates, 
          54 Rich Valley Road,
          Wayland, MA 01778    

EFF is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 


Subject: EFF Position Available: Membership Director

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization working
on the cutting edge of civil liberties law and policy in high technology, is
looking for a Membership Director to help us educate the public about our
mission and expand our membership.

The Membership Director is responsible for the planning, structure and
development of EFF's membership program.  These duties include:  developing
a goal-oriented, strategic membership plan; regularly reporting progress
and results to EFF's Executive Director and board; and developing a program
budget and being primarily responsible for seeing that the membership
program operates within budget.

In addition, the Membership Director is responsible for working with EFF
staff to coordinate membership efforts around timely events and
developments.  The Membership Director is responsible for the design and
production of any required materials, including electronic and paper
literature, t-shirts and other specialty items.  This person also
coordinates the EFF membership booth at conferences and trade shows.

The ideal candidate will have several years of experience heading up a
membership program at a nonprofit, public interest organization.  Much of
our communications are done over the Internet, and the Membership Director
will conduct membership campaigns and communicate extensively with members
online.  Computer experience is mandatory, Macintosh and Unix preferred.  The
ideal candidate is a flexible person who can grow as the membership
function evolves under a yet-to-be-hired Executive Director.  The
Membership Director also will be responsible for entering member
information and maintaining the membership database; there is currently no
clerical support for this position.  This person will work out of EFF's
office in DC.

The salary range for this position is $30,000 to $35,000, depending on
experience, with excellent benefits.  For immediate consideration, please
forward a resume, along with a cover letter describing your online
experience and your reason for applying for this job, to:

Membership Director Search
Electronic Frontier Foundation
1001 G Street, NW
Suite 950 East
Washington, DC  20001
fax (202) 393-5509
e-mail (ASCII only)
No phone calls, please.

EFF is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Subject: NTIA Privacy Notice of Inquiry - Deadline Extended, Act Now!

Earlier this year, NTIA issued a Notice of Inquiry and Request for Comment
from the public on "privacy issues relating to private sector use of
telecommunications-related personal information associated
with the National Information Infrastructure."  The comments will have
bearing on an upcoming National Telecommunications and Information
Administration report "which may make recommendations to the Information
Infrastructure Task Force and Congress in the area of telecommunications
and information policy".

Last week, EFF called NTIA asking when their privacy report would be made,
and were told that the scheduling was still somewhat flexible, but that
surprisingly few comments had been received before the March 30 deadline. 
We've worked with NTIA's Carol Mattey to reopen the Request for Comments,
with successful results:

"Taking into account your expressed interest, and inquiries from
several others, we have decided to formally reopen the record in
NTIA's inquiry on privacy issues for additional comments. 
Attached to this message is a statement formally inviting
additional comments to be filed on or before May 23, 1994.  (This
statement will be sent out in a press release and published in
the Federal Register sometime next week.)  Please disseminate
this statement, with the NOI, immediately to all who you think
might be interested.  We want to hear a wide range of views, but
have to rely on groups like yours to spread that message, as we
just do not have the resources to personally seek out all
potentially interested parties.

Carol Mattey, NTIA"


CONTACT:  Larry Williams           NTIA EXTENDS NOTICE OF 
(202) 482-1551                     INQUIRY ON PRIVACY ISSUES

TECHNICAL NEWS ADVISORY            April 19, 1994

     The National Telecommunications and Information
Administration (NTIA) has extended the deadline for filing
comments in its privacy Notice of Inquiry (NOI) to May 23, 1994.

     On February 11, 1994, NTIA published a Notice of Inquiry and
Request for Comments in the Federal Register entitled "Inquiry on
Privacy Issues Relating to Private Sector Use of
Telecommunications-Related Information."  59 FR 6842.

     NTIA has received comments from 30 parties in this
proceeding.  Those comments can be reviewed in NTIA's Openness
Room, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 4092, 14th St. and
Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20230, between the
hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.  For further information about NTIA's
Openness Room, contact Norbert Schroeder at (202)482-6207.

     Since the comment deadline date, NTIA has received several
requests for extension of time to file comments.  In the interest
of fairness to all potentially interested parties, and to provide
an additional opportunity to develop the record in this
proceeding, NTIA will allow additional time in which to file

     Additional comments should be filed on or before May 23,
1994, to receive full consideration.  Please submit seven copies
to the Office of Policy Analysis and Development, NTIA, U.S.
Department of Commerce, Room 4725, 14th St. and Pennsylvania
Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.  20230.  Comments also may be
submitted electronically via Internet to

     For further information, please contact Carol Mattey or Lisa
Leidig, Office of Policy Analysis and Development, NTIA, at (202)


In discussion with Ms. Mattey, she advised that NTIA would prefer to
receive comments specifically responding to the issues raised in the notice,
outlined clearly where possible, and that it would be useful for lengthy
comments to have a short summary at the top.

The easier you make it for them parse your comments the easier it is
for them to take your comments into consideration.  This holds true for
any submission of comments to government agencies or legislators.

A selection from the original Notice of Inquiry is below:


National Telecommunications and Information Administration
[Docket No. 940104-4004]
Inquiry on Privacy Issues Relating to Private Sector Use of
Telecommunications-Related Personal Information

AGENCY:  National Telecommunications and Information
Administration (NTIA), Commerce

ACTION:  Notice of Inquiry; Request for Comments

SUMMARY:  NTIA is conducting a comprehensive review of
privacy issues relating to private sector use of
telecommunications-related personal information associated
with the National Information Infrastructure.  Public
comment is requested on issues relevant to such a review.
After analyzing the comments, NTIA intends to issue a
report, which may make recommendations to the Information
Infrastructure Task Force and Congress in the area of
telecommunications and information policy, as appropriate.

DATES:  Comments should be filed on or before March 30,
1994, to receive full consideration.
[This has now been extended to May 23, 1994]

AUTHORITY:  National Telecommunications and Information
Administration Organization Act of 1992, Pub. L. No. 102-
538, 106 Stat. 3533 (1992) (to be codified at 47 U.S.C.
^U 901 et seq.).


For detailed and important information detailing the specifics of the 
issues, see full copy of NOI at end of file:, /pub/Alerts/ntia_privacy.noi, 1/pub/Alerts, ntia_privacy.noi
Outpost--EFF Online, BBS +1 202 628 6120, "Alerts" file area, NTIAPRIV.NOI
which will include the updated information.]


Subject: New York Bill for Public Access to Govt. Info Needs Support

There is a New York Assembly bill, AB10035 pending which would provide for
free online access to NY legislative information.  This information is 
already paid for by NY state taxes, yet currently is available
electronically only through an expensive commercial firm.

Reg Neale , one of the first to bring this bill to
the attention of the Internet/Usenet community, collected some contact
information and had this to say about this legislation:

 "A bill was just introduced in the NY Assembly to make public information
 freely and timely available, via "the most-accessible and least-cost
 public network" i.e., the Internet. Bill A10035 was referred to the
 Assembly's Governmental Operations Committee, where it is certain to die
 unless there is a massive input from concerned citizens. Any New Yorkers
 reading this should call or write their assemblyperson to urge immediate
 action on this bill. It could also be helpful to contact these two

 Assemblyman Samuel Colman, Chairman
 Governmental Operations Committee
 Room 731 Legislative Office Building
 Albany NY 12248
 518-455-5118 voice
 518-455-5119 fax

 David W. Keiper, Commissioner
 Legislative Bill Drafting Commission
 Room 301 Capitol Building
 Albany NY 12247
 CIS 71075,2006

 Voice your support for public access to legislative information. If you
 know of anyone who should be involved in this effort, or if you know of
 another appropriate place to post this message, please contact me.

 Reginald Neale, Sec'y   Citizens for Open Access to Legislation (C.O.A.L.)
 716-263-7864 day     716-924-7481 eve"

Accounts from other parties suggest that some support for this bill is
building, among citizens and in the Assembly, so adding your support is not
a waste of time.

Activism got a bill very similar to this one passed in CA last year, and it
can work in NY too.  See /pub/EFF/Issues/Activism/* for more
information on online activism.  Three civil-liberties-favoring state
bills dealing with online information have already failed this year, two
in Oklahoma, and one in Maryland, due to lack of public input and support.

Those in New York state should spread the word on local and state news
groups, mailing lists and other online forums, and can join the Society
for Electronic Access's sea-10035 mailing list (send subscribe requests to for local activist planning and information
on this bill.

The full text of the bill and the Delegate's Memorandum on AB10035 are
archived at:, /pub/EFF/Policy/Legislation/Foreign_and_local/NY/, 1/EFF/Policy/Legislation/Foreign_and_local/NY


Subject: House Internet Security Hearing Testimony Available Online

From: Carl Malamud, Internet Multicasting Service 
On March 22, 1994, The Subcommittee on Science of the U.S. House
of Representatives held hearings on Internet security.  These
hearings were scheduled in response an advisory issued on
February 3, 1994 by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).
Chairman Rick Boucher (D-VA) and the members of the Subcommittee
heard testimony from the following witnesses:
Mr. L. Dain Gary, Manager
Computer Emergency Response Team Operations (CERT)
Mr. Thomas T. Kubic
Chief, Financial Crimes Section
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, President, Internet Society
and Senior Vice President
Data Services Division
MCI Telecommunications Corporation
Mr. Lynn McNulty
Associate Director for Computer Security
Computer Systems Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Dr. Stephen D. Crocker, Vice President
Trusted Information Systems
Rebroadcast of this program on the Internet Multicasting Service is made 
possible by support from Sun Microsystems, Interop Company, and O'Reilly 
& Associates.  Additional support is provided by Harper Collins, Persoft,
and WAIS Inc.  Network connectivity for the Internet Multicasting Service 
is provided by UUNET Technologies and MFS Datanet.
ITH Program Files: 
 Size           Name                      Description
 ==========     ======================    =======================
 34,705,178     Internet Security
                041494_spec_ITH.readme    (This File)
To learn about the Internet Multicasting Service, mail


Subject: What YOU Can Do

"Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when
the Government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally
alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The
greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal,
well-meaning but without understanding."

  - Justice Louis D. Brandeis, dissenting, Olmstead v. United States,
    277 U.S. 479 (1928)

You've been following the newspapers and reading EFFector Online. 
You know that today there are several battles being fought over the future
of personal privacy.  The Clipper chip, export restrictions, the Digital
Telephony proposal - the arguments are numerous and complex, but the
principles are clear.  Who will decide how much privacy is "enough"?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation believes that individuals should be
able to ensure the privacy of their personal communications through any
technological means they choose.  However, the government's current
restrictions on the export of encrytion software have stifled the
development and commercial availability of strong encryption in the U.S. 
Rep. Maria Cantwell has introduced a bill (H.R. 3627) in the House that
would liberalize export controls on software that contains encryption, but
needs vocal support if the bill is to make it out of the committee stage.  

The decisions that are made today will affect our futures indefinitely.  
EFF is a respected voice for the rights of users of online technologies
and EFF members receive regular online updates on the issues that affect
our online communications and particpate in shaping the future.

Now, more than ever, EFF is working to make sure that you are the one that
makes these decisions for yourself.  Our members are making themselves heard
on the whole range of issues.  To date, EFF has collected over 4800 letters
of support for Rep. Cantwell's bill to liberalize restrictions on
cryptography.  We also have over 1400 letters supporting Sen. Leahy's 
open hearings on the proposed Clipper encryption scheme, scheduled for
April 27, 1994.

If you'd like to add your voice in support of the Cantwell bill, send
email to, Subject: I support HR 3627

Your letters will be printed out and hand delivered to Rep. Cantwell by EFF.

You KNOW privacy is important. You have probably participated in our online
campaigns.  Have you become a member of EFF yet?  The best way to protect
your online rights is to be fully informed and to make your opinions heard.
EFF members are informed and are making a difference.  Join EFF today!


The Electronic Frontier Foundation
1001 G Street NW, Suite 950 E
Washington DC 20001 USA
+1 202 347 5400 (voice)
+1 202 393 5509 (fax)
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Why You Should Join the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Every day decisions are being made that will affect your life online.
Decisions about what sorts of technology you can use to protect the privacy
of your communications.  Decisions about what services you will be able to
get over the emerging national information infrastructure.  Decisions that
are made before you even know that there are choices.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been working since July 1990 to
ensure that the civil liberties guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill
of Rights are applied to new communications technologies.  Our members join
EFF to make sure that they are informed about the issues and debates that
will shape the future of electronic communications.  EFF members enjoy the
following benefits:

o  subscription to our quarterly hard copy newsletter Networks & Policy;

o  subscription to our biweekly electronic newsletter EFFector Online;

o  online bulletins that will keep you informed about the key legal,
legislative and policy developments affecting your online communications;

o  an online response mechanism to make themselves heard on key issues.

EFF is a respected voice for the rights of users of online technologies.
We feel that the best way to protect your online rights is to be fully
informed and to make your opinions heard.  EFF members are informed, and
are making a difference.  Join EFF today!

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