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Don’t Make the Register of Copyrights into a Presidential Pawn

H.R. 1695 Would Turn an Essential, Non-political Job Into a Partisan Appointee If we’ve learned one thing from this year in American politics, it’s that presidential appointments can be a messy affair. Debates over appointees can become extremely polarized. It’s not surprising: it’s in the President’s best interests to choose...

UK Surveillance Regime Violated Human Rights

On September 13, after a five-year legal battle, the European Court of Human Rights said that the UK government’s surveillance regime—which includes the country’s mass surveillance programs, methods, laws, and judges—violated the human rights to privacy and to freedom of expression. The court’s opinion is the culmination of lawsuits...

Australian Government Ignores Experts in Advancing Its Anti-Encryption Bill

The Australian government has ignored the expertise of researchers, developers, major tech companies, and civil liberties organizations by charging forward with a disastrous proposal to undermine trust and security for technology users around the world. On September 10, the Australian government closed the window for receiving feedback about its ...

Hill-Climbing Our Way to Defeating DRM

Computer science has long grappled with the problem of unknowable terrain: how do you route a packet from A to E when B, C, and D are nodes that keep coming up and going down as they get flooded by traffic from other sources? How do you shard a database...


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