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California Privacy

Restoring Privacy Protections for Californians

Californians now have a chance to reclaim crucial online privacy protections. Earlier this year, Congress narrowly voted to repeal federal privacy rules that kept your ISP from selling information about who you are and what you do online without your permission. Today, California legislators are introducing new state legislation—the California...

Entendiendo los grupos públicos, cerrados y secretos de Facebook

Hay tantos usos diferentes para los grupos de Facebook como usuarios de Facebook, desde ligas deportivas hasta grupos de ex alumnos y movimientos comunitarios. Independientemente de cómo uses los grupos de Facebook, puedes estar compartiendo ubicaciones, planificando eventos e intercambiando información de contacto que preferirías no transmitir a toda la...

Understanding Public, Closed, and Secret Facebook Groups

There are as many different uses for Facebook groups as there are Facebook users, from sports leagues to alumni groups to community movements. No matter how you use Facebook groups, you may be sharing locations, planning events, and exchanging contact information that you would rather not broadcast to the entire...


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