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Copyright Law Shouldn’t Pick Winners

Mandatory Filtering Proposals Curb Competition When looking at a proposed policy regulating Internet businesses, here’s a good question to ask yourself: would this bar new companies from competing with the current big players? Google will probably be fine, but what about the next Google? In the past few years,...
California Privacy

Devolviendo la privacidad a los Californianos

Los californianos ahora tienen la oportunidad de recuperar importantes protecciones de privacidad online. A principios de este año, el Congreso votó, estrechamente, para revocar las normas federales de privacidad que impedían a tu ISP vender información sobre quién eres y qué haces en línea sin tu permiso. Hoy en día,...
California Privacy

Restoring Privacy Protections for Californians

Californians now have a chance to reclaim crucial online privacy protections. Earlier this year, Congress narrowly voted to repeal federal privacy rules that kept your ISP from selling information about who you are and what you do online without your permission. Today, California legislators are introducing new state legislation—the California...


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