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Lyrics Browsers, iTunes and Copyright Law

When I buy a CD, I look forward to having the lyrics printed in the liner notes. That's part of what I expect in exchange for my money. If the record label omits the lyrics, I feel I'm entirely within my fair use rights to listen closely to the recording...

Beginning of the End for Music DRM

Real Networks today announced the availability of a web-based version of its Rhapsody music service. Finally, there is a listen-on-demand authorized music service with deep major label catalog that Mac and Linux users can use. I expect Napster 2.0 and Yahoo! will feel competitive pressure to migrate to...

Bloggers Sign up for Safer E-Voting

src="" height="175" width="150" border="0" align="right"> Rep. Rush Holt's href="">non-partisan e-voting reform bill, href="">H.R. 550 continues to gather support and momentum among individual members of Congress. And rightly so: it's a well-considered package of fixes to the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines,...


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